Where's My Tiara?

As an architect, saying that you want a livable community is like a beauty contestant saying she wants world peace. No one is going to disagree that this is a worthy aspiration, but at the same time, what does it really mean? How do you go about achieving said lofty goal? Cities are messy things that have myriad problems reflecting the symbiotic relationship among urban design, public policy, and individual buildings. Our work is both the cause and effect of change.

Have you lost the Faith?

When we were very young, we believed in magic, in the power of things, we certainly knew that architects designed buildings.  We believed throughout an education process that immersed us in the heights of glory and depths of despair, sometimes in a single day. Now, in practice, in the soul-crushing grind of the corporate  world, we lose our power, and we lose the magic too. Design is not the exclusive realm of a designated few, it is an identity waiting to be claimed.  This is a wake up call to get out of your rut and find your real purpose. There are angels in the architecture- believe.