Pilgrimages and Pathways

There are great things in store for year two of ThePatronSaintofArchitecture!  In addition to weekly posts, there are some great new resources that I hope will cultivate an even more engaged and interactive community of followers:

Facebook Fan Page
Like ThePatronSaintofArchitecture on Facebook to get access to daily posts and links to useful information about design, inspiration and the creative mind.  Look for the question of the week, your chance to weigh in on issues that will be subject matter of future blog posts.  You can also add your own content and comments to posts for a truly kinetic experience.

In addition to posts about relevant topics, look for novenas, themed blog arcs that will explore a topic in greater depth.  I’m so excited about the first one called Breaking Points and Turning Points, which will deal with issues that affect our very identity as architects and creative people.  You will be able to go directly to all of the posts in each novena series to see all of the topics at once.

Coaching and Advocacy
You can now choose to work with me directly as either an individual, firm or client.   I’m offering coaching and planning services customized to both individuals and firms to help you define and leverage your true creative abilities and interests.  For clients, I am available as a consultant to help you better understand how to define and approach your project, so that you can start things off in the right direction with the proper consideration of issues, objectives and goals. 

I hope you will enjoy exploring all of these new features as you seek your higher plane of inspiration and creative expression.