Can You Transcend Your Genes?

We've all heard the nature/nurture debate (nature seems to be winning by the way). But genes are not destiny.  I have always believed that you can make what you want for yourself, out of yourself.  To segue back to design, this poses the question of what, really, is talent?  Is it the ability to be a trend-master who can constantly be provocative, or the expert who becomes so well-versed in a specialized arena that they are sought after?  Can anyone get there?  Is is more about networking and marketing than what you have to offer (provided of course that what you have to offer is reasonably competent and interesting)?

Design is at its best when it reflects clarity of purpose.  Mirror that clarity of purpose in who you are as an architect and you realize that you have a distinct voice.  Now go yell unabashedly from the nearest mountaintop!