Are you being sabotaged by your talents?

An interesting employee assessment tool I read about called the Hogan Development Survey provided some insight into how sometimes we can be our own wost enemies when we think that we are actually exhibiting leadership, creative thinking, and being a good team player.  What is ironic is the number of times employers or even clients actually encourage or expect us to embody one or more of these traits, then turn it around and criticize the trait's negative aspects.  Here is a list of what Hogan identifies as derailers, or the dark side of being both creative and corporate:

  1. Excitable: moody, easily annoyed, hard to please, and emotionally volatile
  2.  Skeptical: distrustful, cynical, sensitive to criticism, and focused on the negative
  3. Cautious: unassertive, resistant to change, risk-averse, and slow to make decisions
  4. Reserved: aloof, indifferent to the feelings of others, and uncommunicative
  5. Leisurely: overtly cooperative, but privately irritable, stubborn, and uncooperative
  6. Bold: overly self-confident, arrogant, with inflated feelings of self-worth
  7. Mischievous ( I would call this "willing to challenge status quo", something we are often called upon as archietcts to do): charming, risk-taking, limit-testing and excitement-seeking
  8. Colorful: dramatic, attention-seeking, interruptive, and poor listening skills
  9. Imaginative: creative, but thinking and acting in unusual or eccentric ways
  10. Diligent: meticulous, precise, hard to please, and tends to micromanage
  11. Dutiful: eager to please and reluctant to act independently or against popular opinion