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As an architect, you've got it covered.  Except for those times you don't.  Have you ever wished you could check in with someone on that office politics situation, or figure out what to do now that you didn't get that raise or promotion you thought you deserved?  Maybe you are looking to embark on a different career path, but not sure whether it's worth the risk, or you're unhappy in your current work, but not sure it would be any better somewhere different. 

You may have heard of career coaching, but aren't sure it would really help you.  Or, you've looked it up and gotten sticker shock.  Still, it would be nice to bounce your current situation off of an expert...

The Patron Saint of Architecture has heard you and is here to help.
The new Quickie mini-coaching program offers you more than laser coaching, but without the immersive commitment (and price tag) that comes with purchasing a coaching package.  It's the perfect bridge program to help you see how coaching could help you or just to touch base on a particular issue and get some advice.

For just $50.00 USD, you can schedule one hour with me to talk about any career issue that's on your mind.  You can do this as often as you like, anytime you need mentoring and guidance.

What you can expect:
  • A personal sixty minute appointment with me either via Skype or in-person if you are local to Cincinnati, OH.
  • You choose the topic- your career issue, whether it's tuning up your resume or portfolio, perfecting an interview skill, or just getting advice and guidance on a particular topic, will be discussed for the duration of our session.  
  • The ability to share materials such as a resume or portfolio during the meeting for review.
  • A set of action items that we formulate together that will allow you to take the next steps to advance your issue.

How is this different from typical coaching?
Typical coaching packages involve an introductory interview where the coach learns more about you personally and your goals for working with him or her.  He or she will then tailor a program to suit your individual needs.  You'll receive worksheets and exercises to do on your own, have access to your coach via email and have regularly scheduled sessions with them.  From start to finish, the program is immersive and your coach is making the same time commitment in you as you are making in yourself.  I highly recommend that everyone invest in a coaching program at least once during their professional life.  It's that transformative of an experience.

Quickie coaching is streamlined.  We don't do an introductory interview, we just meet one time around a single topic.  You can schedule multiple sessions if you like, but each one will be a stand alone event and you won't have access to me for questions before, after or in between like traditional coaching.  I won't give you exercises or worksheets, either.  As the name implies, it's meant to be simple and accessible.  Good guidance, expert advice, clarity around a topic you need help with, quickly and easily.

Schedule your Quickie session 

What people had to say after their Quickie:
This session really helped me see the patterns in my career.  Angela helped me to look past a lot of limitations I was just living with and taking for granted and see that I could change them and change the whole dynamic of my career.

Going through my resume and portfolio with Angela helped me see a whole different way to present my work that emphasized my skills, not the fact that I took a few years off.
Kristen J.

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