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Overcome your Career Crisis

The creative career does not fit neatly into most job site resources out there.  There are many unique challenges and opportunities that require a different approach to how you attract employment and build a career.  Most people are surprised to learn that their struggles come not from a lack of creative potential, but because they have been consistently and unknowingly undermining themselves. I work with individuals to discover the ways that you hold yourself back and how to stop staying stuck.  Working together, we will:
  1. Discover your true creative strengths and identity
  2. Learn effective ways to present your skills and abilities to current and prospective employers and clients.
  3. Write your own personal manifesto to ensure that everything you do going forward is aligned with your larger creative goals.
Your resume and portfolio are your brand.  Whether you are looking for a new job or just new opportunities at your current company, these two items tell your story - who you are, where you've been, where you want to go.

Eventbrite - Career Coaching for Creatives

Refocus yourself to have the fulfilling career you want and deserve. 

Are you turning in a C+ effort?
Creative people are notorious for looking around at their peers and trying to assess where they are in the pecking order.  This behavior is not only destructive, but leads to you fooling yourself into thinking that just because you may be performing well in relation to others around you that you are actually performing well.  Many think that their A game just has no place in their current work environment and have developed a parallel (lower) set of standards for what they think they need to be doing for success.  

Ready to shake things up and work at your highest level?
Consciously, you think you want certain things, but subconsciously, you are probably sabotaging yourself by believing that there are "real" reasons why you can't move towards the career you want today.  I have helped architects and other creatives to understand the ways in which they are holding themselves back.

Do you have the presence that you think you do?
It's easy to assume that your accomplishments and interests are known.  Learn how to make your resume, portfolio, social media presence and networking efforts active, dynamic efforts that clearly communicate your brand.  Learn how to develop your own personal "hook" statement and use it effectively when you meet new people.

Is your job preventing you from having a career?
It's easy to be so distracted by all of the right now things in your life, like the latest deadline or other demands at work.  Optimize your energy and talent- get out of the trenches and learn how to see the bigger picture of how the little things are either adding value or waste to your quest to live your dreams. 

Eventbrite - Career Coaching for Creatives

A job is something you do to earn money.  A career is an extension of your life.

In three monthly 1 hour personal sessions with Angela Mazzi, The Patron Saint of Architecture,  you can be on the path to realizing your true creative career path.

What you get:
Mission statement coachingyou will write your own life manifesto and then work to develop life goals to bring this to fruition

Identify the blocks that are holding you back, then turn them around into career affirming statements and an action plan.

Communication tips to help you send a consistent message that you really want to send about who you are, what you can contribute and why you should get each opportunity that you seek.  We will also work on targeting opportunities instead of passively looking for them to be offered. You will learn how to retool your brand and all its associated documents to best position yourself to achieve your goals.

Worksheets to help you match your interests to the work you seek and allow you to identify and live your highest purpose.

Creative careers are unique, shouldn't your approach to success be just as unique?

If you are ready to start living your highest purpose,  contact Angela now to register for this unique one on one career coaching.   

$795.00 for the package or two payments of $410.00

Eventbrite - Career Coaching for Creatives