This Woman is my Hero

Robin Guenther is so amazing, both interms of innovation, design and research.  She owned her own firm in New York city and was so successful that Perkins + Will acquired it and made her a principal.  She has authored several books and also pioneered new strategies to incorporate sustainability and different design/practice models into the way that architects approach healthcare projects.  When I have heard her speak, I am blown away at how she manages to address things that I am just starting to think about and then takes them to the next level.  And if you have been following this blog at all, you know that I care about how projects are structured and the process of design to near-obsession levels.  I have participated in discussion groups with her and found her so receptive to the thoughts and ideas of others, which I also admire because the hallmark of a true leader is humility, not arrogance.  This is what I aspire to as an architect, to teach and to lead in order to build spaces that enrich people's lives.

Oh, and I also have always admired Laurinda Spear for being a powerful designer, leader of one of an influential inernational firm, and being an amazing product designer all while raising six children.