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I received my degree in architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, where I also studied Industrial Management and architectural history.  This combination of design with business management and communication as well as socio-cultural context have given me a unique perspective on how the creative mind works as well as the many ways we can fail to speak the language of our clients.  My graduate work at the University of Arizona focused specifically on the ways that culture shapes the way we
understand and use space.  This focus helps me to understand the culture of an organization and to effectively translate the needs of the users of the space.  I have worked extensively with owners and user groups at organizations of all types and sizes, from local CDC’s and Planning departments, to businesses and hospitality groups to healthcare systems.  I am a registered architect with accreditation in Evidence Based Design as well as a member of the American College of Healthcare Architects.
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I specialize in synthesizing diverging points of view and developing common goals for moving forward with innovative design solutions. Recently, I became a certified feng shui practitioner, something that helps to enhance my understanding of the link between the spaces we inhabit and who we are.

My work as a career coach began first as advice to friends, but soon expanded into a much broader base of mentoring young architects and architecture students.  I have been offering professional coaching services since 2011.  My book, Career Crisis, which is a series of self-guided coaching exercises was published in 2013.

Past clients and colleagues have said:
I enjoyed working with Angela and would highly recommend her. She was able to take the team input for design ideas and develop them into logical options that we could further refine and choose. She always delivered when she said she would.
Bill Baddour, Executive Director, Business Development at Fairview & Lakewood Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic Hospitals

Angela did a great job as part of our architectural team designing an ambulatory surgery center this past year. She was responsive to our suggestions and concerns, as well as provided knowledgable alternatives to meet our needs, goals and desires for an efficiently functional internal design.
Debbie Atsberger, Director, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Cleveland Clinic

Angela has an outstanding depth of knowledge in the healthcare industry and an excellent reputation with our clients of being a dedicated leader who will assure a complete and thorough solution for the project's requirements. She is a forward thinker who easily can manage outside the box thinking in critical situations.
Ray Kent, Director of Innovative Technology Design, Westlake Reed Leskoksy

Angela worked closely with the Central City South community in developing a master plan. This impoverished community in Phoenix Arizona, was neglected for years due to historical indifference and discrimination. She worked with the residents, City of Phoenix and Arizona State University Joint Urban Design Project and created a plan that helped the City of Phoenix receive a grant of $3.5 million to implement a housing project and added investments in the community. She is a good communicator, visionary and hard working.
Terry Davis , Executive Director at Phoenix Revitalization Corporation

In working with Angela I found a focused, caring, and resourceful professional with a deep commitment to advancing quality responses to design, and meeting our client's objectives. Angela goes "all in" and is confident in presenting reasoned ideas and defending good decision making. It makes sense that Angela is also a kind, respectful person with a sharp intellect and keen mind.
Jon Luft  Managing Director, and COO, The Stichler Group

Angela is a trustworthy and reliable person who can help you understand each step of job searching. A very kind and really respectful person, who provided great help with organizing my resume and portfolio.
Abduxukur Zayit, Graduate Student Politecnico Di Milano
You can connect with me on LinkedIn or on twitter @AngelaMazzi and I welcome your emails.  I am also available for feng shui consultations.